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Unique & differentiated e-commerce Solutions

The Digistrive Solution

Digistrive, Inc. has pioneered a unique and differentiated business where we provide partner-branded digital marketing and e-commerce turnkey solutions to large, national associations and service organizations. The Digistrive platform enables our partners to use e-commerce and analytics to improve revenue, brand awareness, loyalty and relevancy to its members.

The Problem We Solve

Digistrive's partner-branded e-commerce platform is offered as a shared service and enables our partners to employ Digistrive's technology and e-commerce expertise in a very cost efficient way by leveraging scale across multiple fragmented organizations. By implementing a success-based revenue model, our partners benefit from more timely relevance and increased value to their members while participating in incremental revenue streams at no additional cost.

Measurable Results

The launch of activities of the AAA partnership have validated Digistrive's powerful business model. By leveraging AAA's brand and robust customer data-sets, Digistrive has kept the cost of subscriber acquisition at a minimum. We also collaborate with the Partner in co-marketing efforts, thereby eliminating costly marketing spending.